Nature Table

We’ve been slowly working on our spring nature table and finally have a few pics of it.  Nature tables are common in waldorf education, and though we aren’t officially doing any kind of schooling, yet, it’s something that we are very interested in and a great way to get in tune with nature.  Our table will evolve with the seasons to reflect what’s going on in the world around us.  Now, I realize that Houston only has two seasons: summer and christmas, but we do what we can. ;)

About the table:  We are growing some wheat grass that I sprouted from organic wheat berries.  Another thing that we included were wooden figures from Buntspechte.  We will be collecting them over the years and started off with animals that were very familiar to Aidan.  The card with the elf & shamrocks is a St.Patrick’s day card from his Nana.  It is adorable and there were some carrot seeds inside for us to plant!  Aidan will also be free to add whatever he would like as the season progresses.  In fact, we may grab some azaleas from the yard to add tomorrow.

Aidan loves birds.  He always points them out.

We see ducks every day when we take a stroll around the lake in our neighborhood.

Rabbits are also seen frequently in our neighborhood.  We don’t get to see deer very often, but isn’t he adorable?

Spring nature table 2009… in progress.

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