Our first lantern walk

This was our first year celebrating Martinmas.  I am really starting to understand, enjoy, and appreciate all of the different festivals that waldorf recognizes and the rhythm that they will create as each season comes and goes.  It’s humorous to me how at ease I am with so many of these christian based festivals.  I was raised christian, but don’t really identify that way and haven’t for quite some time now.  Anyhow, I am getting off-tangent here, but I wanted to say that I do feel that this is the right path for us and I’m so happy we have found it.

Tonight’s walk was one of two lantern walks that we will attend this week.  How lucky are we that we have two lantern walks?!  I think tonight gave all of us an idea of what to expect and Aidan has already conveyed to me how excited he is for the next one with his friends from Star Garden.  Ok, his mama is pretty darn excited, too. ;)

“I will give you a spark of my last Autumn rays once you have made a little house for it, for this spark must be guarded well. It will light the way for you to tend the Light Within throughout the time of dark and cold.”

“And suddenly, George saw how the windows of his lantern were lit up, and as he looked into the lantern, he saw a spark happily dancing on top of the candle. Oh, how happy the light was in his lovely lantern! It shone and shone so brightly.”

Beautiful children full of wonder.  That’s all this mama could ask for.

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