Our second lantern walk ;)

Friday night, we attended a walk at the waldorf school Aidan and Ollie attend.  After going to his first walk on Wednesday, Aidan was filled with anticipation and excitement to get to do another one.  It started with a gathering of everyone in the room that we have our classes in for short presentations by the older students.  The kinde teacher also did a great little puppet show of the story of St. Martin and the story The Lantern.  Following that was the lantern walk.

The school set up great little stations all along the path.  A farmer handed us some dried apples for a snack.  At one station, the children were able to sift through a wooden crate of leaves and sticks to find a ‘gold coin’ to pay the miller at a following station.  Upon payment, the miller let the child grind some oats.  The child then brought the oat flour to a baker to receive a baked treat.  Older children were also positioned along the path with small treats like handmade crocheted necklaces and small dolls.  It was such a delightful experience!

When all had completed their journey, we gathered around a huge pile of fallen branches and wood.  There was singing, talking, and a sense of merriment as we all waited for the bonfire to be lit.  The mood was festive and joyful and I was so glad that our little family was able to experience it together.  As the fire burned, the adults chatted while the children ran and played to their heart’s content.  I can not wait to do it all again next year!

Our school.

Part of the path with some people going through it. ;)

Starting the fire.

There’s nothing like a bonfire to focus my mind.  Here’s to a lovely fall and winter season as we focus inward for warmth and light through the cold, dark days ahead.  (ok, so maybe not too cold in Houston. ;)

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