Sew great

Finally!  You’ll no longer hear me whine and complain about my old machine and I being at odds.  I still haven’t decided if I should bury it or donate it, but I have no intentions of ever using it again.

I want to extend the warmest welcome to my new Janome MC6600.  This machine should more than meet my needs for many years to come.  We’ve already had a few small adventures together…

A little extra love on Aidan’s quilt.  Plus, I finally but the silly thing together!

A box pouch for a friend who finally gave me the motivation and encouragement I needed to tackle zippers.  This was my first ever zipper project, so it had to be for her!

A healing pillow made from a pattern in soulemama‘s book.  It’s filled with organic flax seeds, lavender, chamomile, and lots of love.

It was reported to me that the healing pillow was very well received and that our sweet friend had a cough free night!

Creating for others is so rewarding.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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