Our Candlemas

First, I want to share this sweet story of the history of Groundhog’s day with you.  I would love to incorporate this story into our activities more next year.

The True Story of Groundhog Day

We started off our morning with rolling blackouts.  It was only a minor inconvenience because we utilize natural gas for much of our home needs.  However, I couldn’t help but think of how nice it was that we should actually need and render the use of candles on Candlemas.   We hadn’t quite finished our candle making for the occasion, so we got started that afternoon.

Ollie had fun rolling and re-rolling his candle.

Aidan was very thoughtful in his work.

The candle rolling was a bit trickier than I had originally anticipated.  While it sounds straightforward, there was a key piece of information that I had not considered.  Wax is more pliable when it’s warmed.  We did this on a cool day and the wax was crumbling and cracking on us.  I later learned from a dear friend that using a hair dryer to warm the wax a bit was very helpful for her and her daughter.  Perfect!  I only wish I had spoken to her before we rolled the last sheet of our beeswax.  ;)

The boys were very proud of their work and we did enjoy making our candles.  I need to find a better way to get them to remain standing since they seem to tip fairly easily.  Maybe next time I will try setting them in a dish of sand or rocks to help stabilize them.  What do you use?

All in all, it was a nice day.  We spent some time at our school cleaning.  We baked bread.  The boys rolled their candles and enjoyed getting to eat by their handmade candlelight for dinner.  After dinner, we snuggled up near the fire and listened to a story before heading off to bed.

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