Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated our Valentine’s day over the weekend so that my husband could enjoy the day with us.  Sunday morning was spent out looking at bikes for a certain soon to be four year old.  After nap, the boys received their gifts from us.

Ollie very excited about something that was a mystery to him at that point.

We gifted the boys with some Mama K’s play clay, along with her mini ASL ‘I love you’ cookie cutters.  They also got a handmade gift from this mama, which is what you saw me dying up in the last post.

We were fortunate enough to have a gorgeous weekend,  with temps into the 70s!  I love how the boys’ butterfly wings look in the sunlight.

After the boys had their fill of flying, fluttering, and frolicking about in the sun, we headed inside to try out the play clay.  The essential oils in the clay makes it smell amazing and it’s really fun to work with.  Aidan favored the bergamont: for tension, and Oliver chose geranium: for balance.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentine’s day surrounded by those that you love.  We are thinking of our family and friends near and far, sending love and happy thoughts your way.  *mouah!

PS.  If you are interested in making butterfly wings yourself, the tutorial I used can be found here.

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