Rainbow Bridge Ceremony

Due to plenty of wonderful happenings in the school, we just got around to Aidan’s rainbow bridge ceremony this past week.  This is such a lovely, serene, and reverent event.  All the children are so incredibly attentive.  Quite a few know the story so well that I could hear them reciting it under their breath.

The ceremony begins with a puppet show of the story of the child up in heaven, choosing his parents, and then crossing the rainbow bridge down to Earth.  As Ms. Helen moves the spirit child over the rainbow bridge closer toward his family, sitting on the other side of the bridge, the room experiences a bit of the anticipation that the mother and father feel as they await their child during pregnancy (or the adoption process as the case may sometimes be).

When the spirit child has completed his journey over the rainbow bridge, Ms. Helen joins the family and birthday child at the birthday table.  In this case, the child was turning four so there were four candles on the table.  As they are lit one at a time, for each year, the mother or father tell a little bit about what was happening in their child’s life for that year.  Children love to watch the flames lit and hear about their birth and youngest years!  In the middle of the table is a small flower, a handmade gnome, and a geode as special birthday gifts from the teacher.

After all of that wonderful anticipation, the children sing the Waldorf birthday song and the traditional happy birthday song.  Then, the birthday child is finally able to blow out the candles and receive his gifts!

Our wonderful teacher’s assistant and some of the children looking on.

Here is a link to our wonderful school and a slide-show the director put together of her daughter’s ceremony.

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